Goal reached!

I am happy to say, after several borrowings, etc, that I have fully funded my emergency fund!

Now, I know I will need to raise the amount in the future, but for now the goal is checked off and I am focusing more on other goals.  I have made a “Car” savings goal, due to the fact that car maintenence is so irregular and often expensive!


Part time job search

Since I’m in school, a part time job is all I have time for.  My search is not going well, however.  I am feeling the lack of money.  My goals are progressing slowly and unless I get some regular income, I’m not going to be able to afford the professional conference I’d planned on attending this fall semester.


My paychecks are so irregular these days.  I think I want to open a Christmas club savings account.

It’s funny…I was to receive tax refunds from the Feds and two different states…the only one I haven’t received yet is one state refund…the tiny one!

Goal update

I have reached 18% of one of my savings goals.  That may not be one-quarter of the total, but it’s quite good considering all the borrowing (from myself) and paybacks I’ve been doing lately!

I had to borrow money from my own savings to buy my netbook, but I’m happy to say I have paid it all back.


After trying various other options, I have decided to hold off on getting a new replacement laptop.  My five-year-old is still running, for now.  I did decide to go ahead and buy a netbook.  It will be very useful in class as well as for working on my thesis.  I bought it from Costco, and I was happy to learn that they extend the manufacturer’s warranty by a year.

Does any reader out there have any experience with buying computers from Costco?  Your input would be welcome!

Very quick goal update

I don’t even think I posted about this goal previously.  I have a goal of $3000 for one of my accounts.  A short-term goal I had noted for myself was to reach $500 by the end of April.  Since it’s April 5th and I am already at $440, I’d say I’m going to meet that mini-goal!

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No laptop luck

Sadly, after taking the laptop to the shop, they recommended that I buy a new one.  Looks like my frugal attempt failed. 😦  On the bright side, I didn’t waste money having it fixed or diagnosed!