First post

My interest in personal finance is (regrettably) new, but now that I’ve begun reading up on the subject, I’ve become quite passionate in reforming my current situation.

Just what is my situation?

Scary debt


  • I will be graduating before long with impending student loan payments looming soon after.
  • I have tried and failed at least twice to set up a budget.
  • I haven’t balanced my checkbook (as in, ever).
  • I don’t invest.

As embarrassing it is for me to admit to these things, I have not given up hope. I refuse to be someone who simply pretends that money problems will solve themselves. From now on, I am educating myself and taking charge of my financial situation–one step at a time. I’ll end here with the other, more encouraging side: the things I do that aren’t financially stupid.


  • I keep and organize receipts and statements.
  • I do not have any credit card debt.
  • I want to live frugally.
  • I am looking forward to mastering my own money.

This blog will serve to document my journey to better financial literacy.

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