Never paying for this again – Magazines pt.1


As part of my financial makeover, I have been trying to save money anywhere I can. One thing I used to spend money on randomly was magazines. I didn’t regularly read any particular magazine, but I was buying issues here and there when grocery shopping. I did actually pay for a subscription once, because I read enough of the content and subscribers got access to some of the tools on the website (It was a health/workout related mag.).

I soon realized that there were other, free online sources for similar tools, and I didn’t renew my subscription. By this time, I had stumbled across an online survey that offered me two nearly-free subscriptions as a reward for my participation. Two one-year subscriptions for $2 apiece? I was thrilled and ordered Reader’s Digest and Better Homes and Gardens. I couldn’t believe that I could get a whole year’s worth for less than the price of one issue. I knew that some magazines offered trial issues for free, but this was a real subscription!

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