Never paying for this again – Magazines pt. 3

magazine ends

I’ve already blogged about my first free subscription, earned by watching videos on AdPerk, but I soon discovered that other sites (especially discount magazine subscription sites) occasionally offer free subscriptions, paid for by outside companies.

I have ordered Parents and Fitness (a 2-year sub) through offers on, but I doubt those offers are still valid. Parents just started arriving this week. I also had a 2-issue trial to Real Simple that just finished.

Besides keeping up with the posts on my favorite frugal living blogs and freebie sites, there is another way I keep an eye out for free magazine offers: Google Alerts. You can do any Google search by site, so I use keywords plus a site search, and it emails me whenever something new appears. For example, I could create this hypothetical alert: “free site:samplecheapmagz.whatever” if I know that the site “samplecheapmagz.whatever” frequently offered free magazine subsciptions. Use keywords such as “free”, “complimentary“, or “free subscription” and combine your keywords with site:sitename.whatever.

I hope some of you find this tip helpful; even if you aren’t looking for free magazines, Google Alerts can be quite the overlooked yet useful tool.

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