Coupon Boon

Yesterday, while in my hometown for Easter, I went to pick up my Sunday paper–for the coupons. Unfortunately, Dollar Tree was closed, and that store is the only place that I know of that has the paper for $1.00 instead of $1.50. I’m not too cheap (yet) to not get the paper just because I have to pay an extra 50¢, so I bought a copy elsewhere. Then I had to travel back to where my school is, so I brought the paper with me. When I examined it, I noticed that THERE WERE NOOO COUPONS!! I thought I’d just bought a bad copy, so I planned an assertive call to the paper in the morning.

Once back at my school home, I went a Wal-Mart where the Sunday papers were sold from boxes outside. I got my quarters and fed the machine its $1.50. Thinking smarter this time, I checked my copy for coupons before closing the machine door. But again–no coupons!! Same story for the other two copies in the machine. What was going on here? Are people just stealing them? I saw some wrinkly papers at the bottom of the machine, barely noticeable under the paper shelf. Reaching down, I pulled out a stack of papers that had clearly been there for a while. Apparently they had been discarded or had slipped down there unnoticed.

And what did I find when I got home and sorted through the stack?


(3 Red Plums, 3 P&Gs, and 3 SmartSources!)

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