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I won’t be able to write very regularly over the next couple of weeks due to the end-of-semester craziness, but for now I offer you another free subscription, courtesy of Mercury Magazines and Just for Me.

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Tip Tuesday: Google Calendar

Today I’m introducing a new feature that might become a regular one here on Non¢ent$. Here, I’m going to share with you various methods that I have found helpful when dealing with money. These tips will be related to organization, frugality, couponing, personal finance, and other related areas.

I admit I was wary at first of buying things to get a rebate. I didn’t trust that the store or manufacturer would return my hard-earned money to me. I think my fear was based on what I heard when I was a kid. Rebates were not something my family trusted, and that was passed on to me. From what I’ve read online, though, the Walgreens EasySaver program seems to be pretty reliable.

Once willing to try rebates, I realized that my next hurdle was the fact that rebates (initially) seemed to require a lot of work and attention to detail. You have to make sure you get them sent out by a certain date, you have to save receipts,* sometimes you have to have the UPC, and you have to fill out a form, making sure to follow the rebate form’s specific list of requirements. It all sounded like way too much planning for me to handle.

Then, I noticed how much attention to detail my school schedule requires. I successfully keep track of tests, papers, grading, assignments, and all the other meetings and deadlines a student deals with. I use a simple system that I can access from home or school: Google Calendar.

Why couldn’t I just do that for my financial needs as well–including rebates? Google Calendar is a system that has worked for me because it is so easy to use. I have two calendars that keep track of the different areas of my life–school and money. The two calendars are even color-coded, and I can turn one on or off temporarily so I can focus on one at a time.

To help me remember to send in those rebate forms, I simply create an all-day event for the day that the rebates must be mailed, and then I add a reminder. You can have Google Calendar email you at a time you pick.

This method has given me confidence in my ability to manage the requirements for the EasySaver program. In fact, I just sent out my form for this month–my second month participating in the program.

*Actually, this was one thing that was not a problem for me, since I keep them all anyways…one of the few things I do right!

What I got using my JC Penney coupon

On Friday I posted about the $10-off-$10-or-more coupon from JC Penney salon, and I promised to share brag about what kind of a deal I got.

When I found the salon, I was alarmed to see that most of the products for sale were hair products costing $15 or more! How can hairspray be $22?!? (See, I’m not a hair products kind of girl. When my hair is short, I might use some styling wax, but most of the time it’s long. And why pay so much for hair products at a salon when I could work them into an ECB deal at CVS and get them for free? 😉 )

I digress. So, I found a small clearance section that had some bath-product gift sets and candles. I ended up paying about $1.50 for the gift set and two candles that you see in the picture above! The items were all marked down but had prices lower than indicated on the stickers, so it took me a couple of tries to find a combination close to $10. And, while I was checking out, I overheard a lady behind me asking a saleslady about the curling irons. The other, unused coupon on my sheet was for that very brand of curling iron, so I offered it to her. She was very happy to accept it, with warm thanks, and I left feeling good. Who knew you could get the warm-n-fuzzies from couponing?

This week only: Freebate at Walgreens

Besides the usual free-after-rebate items at Walgreens this month, there is one *additional* item that is FAR, this week only.

EasySaver Rebate #15 is a $2 rebate on Walgreens Ibuprofen 200 Softgels or PM Pain Reliever Quick Gels, 20 Pack, limit one.

Last night I was browsing the weekly sales flyer when I noticed that those very products were on sale for $2, making them FAR. Then, today I was reminded by

PF: Short-term goals

I’m a person who’s always making lists. Shopping lists, to-do lists, Christmas lists, reminder lists…the list goes on. (Sorry, couldn’t resist! 😉 )

A while back, I posted about my own personal finance and accountability. I said I needed to make a list of goals, but I never got around to it. Maybe I was busy with school. Maybe I became engrossed in all things CVS and Walgreens (gasp, never!). Somehow, it got away from me. Well, no more excuses. I made a list:

(Very) short-term goals

Close one checking account (from previous school, unused)

Invest the money from that account

Do FAFSA (oh, yay)

Post about ING (will link later)

Organize the rest of my financial records (I was good at this one until recently…darned school)

CVS goods for the week

Here’s all the stuff I got at CVS this week. The above picture shows about four different transactions’ worth, but unfortunately I don’t have time this week to break it down for you. Everything in the picture did earn me ECBs and I still have a fair amount left over. The OOP total was $0.59, so I’d say I qualify as a CVS Superstar. 😉

To share your CVS trips for the week and to see others’, go to the Centsible Sawyer’s CVS Superstars, hosted on her blog every Saturday.

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PF: RevolutionMoneyExchange – Free $25

I just signed up for my account–partially for the $25, partially to see if it is indeed a reliable “Paypal replacement” as they are saying. If you’re sick of Paypal fee-ing you to death, and you’d like to try this service, feel free to sign up using this button (or the one on my sidebar). You’ll get $25 free and I’ll get $10! Plus, if you have a blog, once you sign up, you can get your own button and start earning from referrals yourself!

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