Walgreens freebies and moneymakers!

Walgreens deals

Wow! I didn’t plan this out completely, but after rebates, all the stuff in the picture made me $4.95!

Inspired by Bethany at Centsible Shopper, I got Wrigley’s gum at Walgreens, and ended up with quite a bit of overage from the gum alone!

Let me break it down:
I bought six at $1.19 each, which is
minus the price of three, $3.57 by using 3 BOGO coupons
minus $3.14 from the 3 for $2 Walgreens 7-day coupon
…You can see where I’m going with this
minus $1.98 from using the EasySaver “$0.99 off 3 packs” coupon!
That leaves $1.55 overage!!

I gave my coupons in the order recommended on Bethany’s post: BOGOs, Walgreens 7-day, EasySaver

What’s more, I got a Glade Scented Oil candle for FAR. It’s not a monthly FAR deal, but since it’s on sale for $5 and I used a $3/1 coupon, it will be FAR when I get my $2 EasySaver rebate!

I also found one scent of Oust candles on clearance for $3.59. With my $3/1 coupon, that makes the Oust candle $0.59!

I bought Aquafresh for $2 and used a $2/1 coupon, making it $0, plus I can send in for the $3.99 $2 EasySaver rebate. I also needed some Wal-itin (6.99); lucky me, it’s FAR this month!

Finally, I got a box of Glucerna cereal for free using the RR coupon from the previous box I bought.

Overall, I paid $8.03 plus tax, and will be getting $12.98 ($3.99 + $2 + $6.99) back in EasySaver rebates, thus making me an eventual $4.95 on the entire purchase.

Edit: See Bethany’s post at Centsible Shopper–I was a little off on my rebate amounts. You can use coupons to make a profit on rebates, but not store sales. Thanks for the question, st8homom


2 Responses to “Walgreens freebies and moneymakers!”

  1. st8homom Says:

    Wow! Great job. Question, though. When you circle the Aquafresh price, won’t it show up on your receipt as 2.00 and you’ll get 2.00 back for it? Or, do you get full price? I thought it was “up to 3.99”. I’m still new to Walgreen’s rebate system. It sure is fun, though.

  2. Elsie Says:

    I can’t remember where, but I think I read somewhere that you get the full rebate back.

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