April is Child Abuse Awareness month

First, I would like to thank Alyssa at Keeping the Kingdom First for her post on this topic. I had forgotten about the meaning of this month until I read her entry, and I encourage you to read it, too.

When I was in undergrad, I was in a sisterhood and one of our philanthropies was a state chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America. We tried to raise awareness and money for this cause, and now I am asking you to do the same. However you feel moved to help, please do so. You can display a blue ribbon on your clothes or blog. You can donate to an organization that helps in child abuse prevention & services. You can pray for these kids. You can find many ways to do something about the tragedy that is child abuse.

I encourage you to display this ribbon on your blog. Just save it to your computer first.

Remember, if you ever suspect that a child is being abused, you can report it anonymously. Two national hotlines I have found online are 1-800-25-ABUSE and 1-800-4-A-CHILD. Please, do something for those who can’t.

I leave you with some videos, as a tribute and a reminder. They are very hard to watch, and are not for kids, but remember, while you can press the stop button when it gets scary, these kids can’t.

One Response to “April is Child Abuse Awareness month”

  1. Kingdom First Mom Says:

    Thanks again for your help in spreading the word. It will make a difference! Great idea to display the ribbon on your blog. I added it to mine.

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