What I got using my JC Penney coupon

On Friday I posted about the $10-off-$10-or-more coupon from JC Penney salon, and I promised to share brag about what kind of a deal I got.

When I found the salon, I was alarmed to see that most of the products for sale were hair products costing $15 or more! How can hairspray be $22?!? (See, I’m not a hair products kind of girl. When my hair is short, I might use some styling wax, but most of the time it’s long. And why pay so much for hair products at a salon when I could work them into an ECB deal at CVS and get them for free? 😉 )

I digress. So, I found a small clearance section that had some bath-product gift sets and candles. I ended up paying about $1.50 for the gift set and two candles that you see in the picture above! The items were all marked down but had prices lower than indicated on the stickers, so it took me a couple of tries to find a combination close to $10. And, while I was checking out, I overheard a lady behind me asking a saleslady about the curling irons. The other, unused coupon on my sheet was for that very brand of curling iron, so I offered it to her. She was very happy to accept it, with warm thanks, and I left feeling good. Who knew you could get the warm-n-fuzzies from couponing?

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