Back home & a vacation freebie find!

After a wonderful vacation with my bf, I’m finally back home. We drove far over 9 days and saw much, but now it’s back home for the rest of the summer and time to create a routine. I didn’t have much of a chance to settle into one before we left due to his graduation (yay!), his sister’s baby shower, and his birthday (wow, he has an exciting life 🙂 ).

Anyways, the vacation was grand, and during one of our hotel stays (we alternated between camping and hotels), I found an exciting surprise. There was a women’s razor on the sink–not just any hotel sample, but a real Schick Go!® Surf Style™ with travel case. Then, I discovered a bag advertising Emergen-C and assumed the bag contained a box of it (the bag looked boxy). Inside, however, was a single packet of Emergen-C, a men’s Schick, and a whole lot more!

The bag contained:


Happy Memorial Day

For all those who have died in service, we say a prayer today. Thank you.

And thanks to all our vets and those currently serving.

Vacation and freebie reminder!

I will be on vacation with my wonderful bf this weekend until next, so I will continue to be absent until my life regains some routine.

In the meantime though, don’t forget about that free panty at Macy’s, good May 31-June 6. Go here to print the coupon. Also, check out iMommies and the Centsible Sawyer since I found this awesome coupon due to their posts.

Sharing my savings: Walgreens & CVS

I’m a little late this week, but I did so well that I simply had to blog. Not only did I get to check off one of my PF goals despite losing all my sanity to end-of-semester madness, I took some time after school ended (finally!) to do some therapeutic shopping. I’d been planning to do the Walgreens P&G RR deal but I knew I had a gift card waiting for me at home (my other home). So, I made myself wait until the semester officially ended.

Without further ado, here’s my CVS stuff. As you can see, I maxed out quite a few of the monthly deals! (the OneTouch is actually from WalMart, but it was free w/a coupon!) I probably spent a maximum of $6 for all this stuff.

And a few nights ago at Walgreens, I did the P&G deal (which I learned about here at Centsible Shopper), plus a few other goodies:

P&G RR deal at Walgreens

I got all of the cleaning supplies, the Febreze, and the Charmin wipes for free using $10 RR, coupons, and part of a Walgreens gift card.

I picked up the Herbal Essences so that I could get a free manicure/pedicure. (I heard about this promotion here at Money Saving Mom!) I bought the greeting card (plus another one), the Herbal Essences, and two Sunday papers with one of my P&G $10 RRs.

My family was amazed at how much you can get for free. They all wanted to know how it was possible, and when thinking about how to explain it briefly, I felt a bit like a magician does when asked how she does her tricks. 😉

PF: Short-term goals update

Here’s a quick update on my short-term goals:

Short-term goals

Close one checking account (from previous school, unused)

Invest the money from that account Invested some money in Sharebuilder


Post about ING (will link later)

Organize statements

Happy Mother’s Day

Just a quick post to wish all you moms out there a wonderful Mother’s Day! I’m lucky to be spending today with my mom & grandma. I hope you all have a chance to relax and enjoy yourselves.

SSS Walgreens trip – deodorant and more

It’s Super Savings Saturday at Money Saving Mom! It’s that time of the week when we show off all our deals from the past week.

Earlier this week, I had to make a trip to Walgreens. Well, I remembered reading over at Centsible Shopper about the Lady Speed Stick deal, and it seems like all the free deodorant I’ve been getting recently has been men’s deodorant. I needed some for myself, so I got three of them for free using the Walgreens weekly coupon ($0.99) and then $1/1 coupons.

I also heard from Centsible Savings that Zantac was free with the $5/1 manufacturer’s printable coupon from Walgreens and possibly printing Register Rewards. I didn’t get the RR, but I never say no to free Zantac since it’s so expensive and I actually use the stuff.

The Visine tears is something I’ve needed to buy for a while, but with a $2 off coupon and the WG weekly deal of $3.49 each, I couldn’t pass it up.

Finally, I had to get the WG Ibuprofen since it’s FAR this week only.

My total before tax was $3.45, which is $1.45 after the EasySaver rebate.