Back home & a vacation freebie find!

After a wonderful vacation with my bf, I’m finally back home. We drove far over 9 days and saw much, but now it’s back home for the rest of the summer and time to create a routine. I didn’t have much of a chance to settle into one before we left due to his graduation (yay!), his sister’s baby shower, and his birthday (wow, he has an exciting life 🙂 ).

Anyways, the vacation was grand, and during one of our hotel stays (we alternated between camping and hotels), I found an exciting surprise. There was a women’s razor on the sink–not just any hotel sample, but a real Schick Go!® Surf Style™ with travel case. Then, I discovered a bag advertising Emergen-C and assumed the bag contained a box of it (the bag looked boxy). Inside, however, was a single packet of Emergen-C, a men’s Schick, and a whole lot more!

The bag contained:

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