MyPoints – Snapfish offer

I am a member of MyPoints. As a member, I earn points simply by clicking on links in emails they send me. I can also earn points by completing free trial offers or shopping at certain websites. I have even earned points by printing and using their free grocery coupons! Thus, you don’t have to spend any money to earn points. (If you’re interested in signing up after reading my little spiel, let me know and I can email you an invite!)

So why am I babbling about MyPoints? Well, it’s not just to get you to sign up using my referral 😉 . I wanted to share the good deal I just got. As I mentioned a few entries ago, I recently returned from a road trip. Thus, I have many vacation pictures and a need for prints! A recent MyPoints email advertised a free flip book plus 50 free prints for new Snapfish members (which is possibly a non-MyPoints offer as well). Since I’ve never used Snapfish, I took advantage of this offer. (I must warn you that the flip book is only for 4×6 photo flip books with only 5 pages. I opted to pay $0.99 to get 5 extra pages.)

So, I paid for shipping and 5 extra pages in my flip book, and I’ve already gotten
emails saying my orders have been completed and shipped. That was fast!

Has anyone else heard about this offer? Does anyone else use Snapfish regularly? I’d love to hear what you think.

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