Changes – school, couponing, time & money

As I’ve moved back to my home city, my living arrangements have changed. Before, I had to shop for my own groceries and other household goods. Now, I have the luxury of not having to buy these things for myself and the household. This is a great blessing, as my income is also in a state of change; lowering expenses is a must.

(Here it comes…) Since I no longer will be making frequent trips to buy things like milk and toilet paper, I have decided to stop “couponing” until I am once again financially responsible for my household.

Another motivation for this decision is my schedule is no longer permitting me time to search out, print, buy, clip, organize, etc. my coupon stash. When I have months-old inserts lying untouched, the coupons are not benefiting me. Now, the ones I have will not go to waste. I will either use them or send them to the military base I was already sending to.

Yet another good reason for doing this is because my attention must now turn to my changing financial situation. A new living situation, a new job (God willing!), a new class and an (unfortunately) old thesis, I’ve got my plate full as far as time and money are concerned.

Finally, my hometown has NO CVS! Alas, my CVS days appear to be over, just when I was starting to get good!

Since I will still be financially responsible for other areas of my life, such as clothing, schooling, and transportation, I will be welcoming all coupons and deals I can find in those areas!

And who knows, I just may have to do a really good Walgreens deal every now and then. 😉

One Response to “Changes – school, couponing, time & money”

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