Being frugal doesn’t always pay…

Recently, I moved from an apartment in my grad school’s town to my hometown. When I was packing up, I had to secure things for transport. Anything with drawers got taped so the drawers wouldn’t fly open in transit. I used clear packing tape, and this was the result:

Filing cabinet

See that shiny stuff? It looks like the tape’s still on there. Nope. It’s leftover sticky residue that didn’t come off with the tape. I used the store-brand tape, but I’ve learned my lesson: sometimes you just have to buy the name brand.

3 Responses to “Being frugal doesn’t always pay…”

  1. Kate Says:

    I know what you mean i have often fallen foul of buying the cheap bramnd only to end up spending mnoe in the long run. it certainly is a lesson in being a good judge of whats cheap and whats cheap for a reason.

    I hope you manage to get the glue off.

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