Clinique Beauty Workshops

Clinique is offering three Beauty Workshops, viewable on their Store Events page.  Currently, they are offering three workshops:

  • Express Looks “Makeup in minutes”
  • Attracted to Colour “Capture a new look”
  • Summer Coolers “Refresh your look”

To attend, use their location search and call to book your appointment.  You know I wouldn’t be sharing this with you unless you could get something FREE out of it!  For each of the three workshops, you can get two free travel-sized treats per event.

  • Express LooksMoisture surge extra thirsty skin relief and colour surge eye shadow in your choice of 3 shades
  • Attracted to ColourTake the day off makeup remover and fresh bloom allover colour in your choice of two shades
  • Summer CoolersSuperdefense moisturizer spf 25, custom-fit to your skin type, and superbalm moisturizing lip gloss in your choice of 2 shades

Comment here if you go to any of these events to let us know how it went!

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