Frugal frustrations: packing tape again

Back in June I complained about my frugal failure with store-brand packing tape.  The tape had left sticky residue all over my nonporous, painted metal filing cabinet.

I’ve got another complaint.  I had to mail some books requested from me through PaperBackSwap.  I used the infamous aforementioned tape since I still had some left.  While the sticky was fine for my mailing purposes, the cutting of the tape was not.  The blade was so resistant to cutting the tape that the plastic tape holder began to bend as I tried to rip my piece of tape.  It was quite a struggle to wrap up my books since I had to use several pieces of tape.  No more will I buy this tape.

I’m all for using store or generic brands.  But if I give them a try and they fail to match up to my needs, I’m going to use the national brand.

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