Short-Term Goals: Paycheck Management Edition

Since I finished my latest set of short-term goals, I decided to get right back up on the organization horse and make a new list. It was so refreshing knowing I’ve actually taken steps to organize my finances. Although the first list took me a while, I know that having a list helped. The list kept me from forgetting what goals I wanted to complete. Crossing each item off was truly a motivation to keep going. Progress is especially sweet when it’s measurable. 🙂

  • Decide how to divide each paycheck before bills (percentages) Done!
  • Distribute my July paychecks accordingly
  • Update my starter budget
  • Determine how much leftover money I have per paycheck (approximate)

As before, I will cross off my goals as they are completed. Maybe someday, I’ll get around to defining and posting some long-term goals.

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