My Trip to Wal-Mart (Or, How Not to go Freebie Shopping)

My poor bf. I’m convinced that he thinks I’m a bit mad. Not overall, just when it comes to my coupons, freebies, and scoring deals at Walgreens. I don’t think he thinks I’m crazy for wanting to save money or for getting so much free stuff. (The 5 free deodorants I’ve gotten him should have helped with that!) It’s just that I’ve invited him on a freebie-shopping trip twice now, and both times…it’s been a couponer’s nightmare.

The first time was a trip to Walgreens to do a PG Register Rewards deal that totally flopped at the checkout. (My fault. Wasn’t watching the product size.) I’m not going to relive that one just now; the latest one is more entertaining.

So I come back from retirement from couponing briefly because I see how many great Walmart deals are going on, and how many of them use internet coupons (which I can easily get), and how many of the deals get you free stuff. Ok, I decide, I’ll do these deals. Well, my dear bf offers to go with me, so one evening we go to our local Walmart. I’m not sure at what point he regretted going with me.

  • Problem #1: The Walmarts around here are not Super Walmarts, like I am used to. So, some of the grocery items on my list are crossed off.
  • Problem #2: Inventory is being taken, and because of this, many aisles are blocked off. The store has literally become a maze. You actually had to figure out how to progress through the store.
  • Problem #3: When we get to the checkout, I face coupon issues. The checkout lady was really nice, but she apparently didn’t have a lot of experience with coupons (or maybe it was just the printouts), and so she took a looooong time. Granted, I had a coupon for everything but one item…but the line behind me was growing…and suddenly…
  • Problem #4: The lights went out. Seriously. I briefly thought I’d overloaded their system w/all my coupons and sent it into automatic shutdown or something. She’s getting too much free stuff! Abort! Abort! Shut all systems down, now! Employees with flashlights appear and tell the checkers they have 30 minutes to finish checking out the people in line, and others begin leading stray customers to the front of the store. My nice checkout lady finishes checking my coupons, by the light of my cell phone. Bless her heart.

FINALLY, I was able to escape the nightmare. My patient but embarrassed bf jokes about me overloading them and making the electricity go off. He has seen two bad deal-hunting trips like this, so I don’t think he’s going to be joining me on the next one. 🙂

This post was inspired by Bargain Briana’s recent nightmarish trip to Walmart.

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5 Responses to “My Trip to Wal-Mart (Or, How Not to go Freebie Shopping)”

  1. Frugal Freebies and Deals Says:

    Ya- this kind of stuff is why my mom and I try to switch which CVS’s we hit for deals. We aways feel bad for putting the poor cashiers though so much trouble- lol

    We always walk out saying- “we should give them a break for a few weeks”!!


  2. bricarter Says:

    Sorry you had problems too! I just don’t know if its worth it to coupon shop at Wal-mart…they just aren’t that coupon friendly!

  3. Wal-mart is on my **** list | Bargain Briana Says:

    […] Elsie’s Nightmare Trip to Wal-mart […]

  4. Mary Says:

    I live in a pretty good-sized city (200,000+) so there is a Walgreens, CVS, or Rite Aid literally on every corner. I own a children’s consignment shop in a suburb of the big city and we have a Walgreens just around the corner, and another two miles up.

    I’ve learned – drive the extra two miles. The clerks at the close Walgreens are English as a Second Language students – there’s a Russian lady that just glares at me when I hand her my coupons.

    Two miles up the road is the friendliest head-of-cosmetics lady that helps me find stuff, points out “free after rebate” stuff, etc. Sure, I end up buying more than I wanted from her but she’s just so darn nice about it!!! 🙂

    It pays to shop around for the “right” store…and I try to make frequent trips and break up my shopping as much as possible so that they don’t figure out JUST EXACTLY HOW MANY COUPONS I seriously use!!!

    And my poor dad has asked me to stop bringing him free Pert shampoo. Go figure…

  5. Mary Says:

    Oh, and I stepped my foot in a Walmart just two nights ago for the first time in YEARS. Trying to find the All You magazines. Of course they didn’t have any that I could find. And it brought back all the repressed memories of bad experiences there that I’ve had. I came home and bought an online subscription to the mag and vowed to avoid Walmart for another 10 years. When they go thru your bags on your way out (like they do at Sam’s Clubs) matching items to the receipt, they are treating you like a criminal and they deserve to only have the riff-raff shop there! I’ll take my business elsewhere. 😉

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