Grad school money mutterings: textbooks and tuition

It’s that dreaded time of year that happens once a semester. The time that messes with my budget and cash flow. It’s time to pay the tuition bill. And time to buy textbooks.

I hate the tuition bill because I can’t pay it without taking on more debt. I know it’s considered by some to be “good debt”, but to those paying it off, there’s little about it that could be called “good”.

And those textbooks. Pay hundreds of dollars each semester, and maybe get 50 bucks a book back if you’re lucky. That’s only if they aren’t changing editions. And if you don’t need to keep the book for some reason. Who wouldn’t love making an investment like that!?

I may appear to be full of complaints, but as I was preparing for the dreaded tasks, I did realize how lucky I am. Yes, I will be further in debt. Yes, I feel that creating a new edition of a textbook by changing the ordering of the problems around is robbery. (I wonder how much stock Sallie Mae has invested in the textbook publishers?) But the most important thing to remember is what a blessing it is to be able to attend this school and further my education.

Then again, maybe I should quit my current career track and join the folks in the textbook industry.


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