Feeding my monsters

Since I’ve now got a paycheck that isn’t immediately eaten up by rent, I am doing the smart thing and divvying it up as soon as I get it.  I made a pretty little pie chart to reflect my current divisions.

These percentages are subject to change; for one, after my emergency fund is fully funded, I’m going to increase my retirement percentage.

I’m also excited (in a weird way) to be beginning to feed the debt monsters.  I have student loans that just sit there, increasing from interest.  I’m not worried about all of them, because the interest rates are very low and/or they’re subsidized, but the ones with the scarier rates need to be fed some snowflakes.

3 Responses to “Feeding my monsters”

  1. Milehimama Says:

    Totally off the subject, but I gotta ask!

    How do you make the “cents” sign?

  2. September goals update « Non¢ent$ Says:

    […] this year will be different as I am planning more and more.  For starters, I am keeping up with my paycheck distributions! These distributions are tied to my main financial goals, including getting organized and starting […]

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