The importance of organization: Clutter is overwhelming!

I’ve been trying to not only save money but also simplify my life. To do that, I’ve been going through the clutter and donating, selling on eBay, and gifting some of the stuff that I’ve accumulated. What’s scary is that I don’t have that much stuff, I just hold on to it past the point of its usefulness. My main goals are attacking the clothing and paper piles. I think organizing my papers is going to take the longest.

While I do have a filing cabinet, I have been lax in setting up a filing system and maintaining the few folders I do have. Seeing stacks of papers is starting to stress me out. Now, I’m not a neat freak at all. I don’t spazz if someone forgets to put something away right this very minute. But if I have an ongoing project (paper stacks) that sits too long, it begins to bother me.

The clothing piles are also building up. I’ve been a bit more attentive to those, but I still have a few piles: to be laundered, to be donated, to pack away for the season, to mend, and to refashion. I did drop off a bag of stuff at Goodwill a few days ago, and it felt so nice to have that little bit of space back. I just need to hold on to that feeling as motivation!

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