I miss CVS

Yes, only months after beginning to do the Drugstore Game, I had to move away from my two nearby CVS stores. Where I live now has an abundance of Walgreens locations, but the nearest CVS is in the next state–about a 20 minute drive from my current location. Add that to the fact that I don’t do most of the shopping for the household, and that means no CVS for me.

I did hear rumors on the local news that CVS had purchased some land near where I live, but I haven’t heard anything since June. I simply have to stick to freebie shopping and Walgreens EasySaver rebates until my circumstances change.

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One Response to “I miss CVS”

  1. Bargain Briana Says:

    Bummer!!! But you can get deals at Walgreens…I just hate waiting for the rebates!!! CVS is more instantly gratifying! My closest Walgreens is 20 miles away so I miss out on those deals alot!!!

    Why didn’t you take CVS locations into factor when you moved? Ha ha!!!

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