Saturday Savings

Here’s my report on the ways I’ve saved money this week. I’m trying to encourage myself (through documentation) that I’m starting to do things right.

  1. I said no to overpriced snacks. When I drive long distances, I often get bored and hungry. I used to make it a habit to get a couple of snacks from a convenience store when I gas up while on a road trip, but this week, my willpower won!
  2. I went to a thrift store. I need khaki pants for my job, and the pair I had were mysteriously and irreparably damaged. Instead of going to a regular store to pay full price for a new pair of khakis, I went to a local thrift store. There I found several pairs in my size that were in excellent condition–brand name pants, too.
  3. I baked it myself. It was my mom’s birthday recently, and she loves caramel cake and icing. I offered to make her cake this year because I love to bake. Instead of buying the caramel icing and cake mix that she always gets, I bought the icing and made the cake myself. I’d never used that recipe before, so the cake came out dry, but it had a good flavor otherwise. And my mom was touched that I made it myself, just like back in grade school! 😉

I hope I can show how saving money can be more than just using a coupon or hitting a sale!

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