Reader Panel: Tell Harlequin

Looks like Harlequin has revamped their reader panel website. Since I am a reader who loves free books, I had to share this news with you. Previously We Hear You, the new site looks better than the old one (which I’ve mentioned before on this blog). The new site seems to work in a manner similar to the old one.

To join, go to the homepage and click “Join today”. You’ll complete a questionnaire about your reading habits and then they will ask for your address and other information so they can send you free books. The books they send will have corresponding surveys for you to fill out. If you hated the plot, say so. If you thought the cover was cheesy, you have a chance to share. If the hero was a well-written character, speak up. This program gives you not only free books but a chance to give the publishers your opinions of them.

It’s not clear what books you will receive, but keep in mind that Harlequin does not just publish “trashy romance novels”. It’s easy to equate “Harlequin” with “My Millionaire Boss’s Italian Baby Mama” etc. (No offense intended to Harlequin Presents readers.) The reality is that they publish a variety of fiction lines, including romantic suspense, chick lit, African-American teen fiction, Christian romance, fantasy, African-American romance, contemporary women’s fiction, Christian romantic suspense, African-American inspirational books, Christan women’s fiction, Christian chick lit, and Christian historical romance. Quite the variety!

No, I am not a Harlequin affiliate, author, or superfan. Though I have read a few pretty good books published by them. 😉

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