Saturday Savings

Time for some weekly encouragement that I am taking the right steps to take control of spending and debt!

What did I do this week?  Just a few things, but every little bit helps!

  1. I used a gift card (that I’d been saving) for some random purchases that came up.  I’d gotten a Target gift card recently, but didn’t blow it right away on some candles like I originally wanted to.  Instead, last night I bought some things I need (packing tape, shoe inserts, sunblock) and didn’t have to spend “real money” on them!
  2. I put 10% into savings. I earned money from both my paycheck and house/dogsitting this week and right away, I put 10% towards my emergency fund.
  3. I sold some textbooks and made about $130.  Now is the time to list those textbooks if you haven’t already!  I would know because I recently bought my own!

How have you saved money this week?  Anything goes, as long as it’s helping to keep savings growing and spending shrinking!

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