Another magazine offer!

I have been able to keep my word when it comes to magazines.  I won’t pay for them!  Why should I when I can get them for FREE?

The latest offer I found was for Smithsonian.  This one is from RewardsGold, so you will have to fill out a review/survey before you are taken to the offer page.

If museums aren’t your thing, go here for another RewardsGold offer for Prevention magazine.

I’ve successfully gotten mags from them before, so the offers shouldn’t give you any problems.  As always, enjoy!


Read free and help others

I’ve posted freebies for readers before, but this time you can help a charity while enjoying your freebie.  Avon books is sharing excerpts of some upcoming romance novels and fully browsable copies of already-released books online.  Check out the new releases to help their Love Gives Back campaign!  According to the site,

For every 100,000 pages browsed from these new titles, Avon will donate 100 books to ProLiteracy Worldwide, an organization that promotes literacy around the world. Each month, from August 13, 2008, through December 23, 2008, we’ll donate up to 1,000 books, so start reading and share the love!

All you lovers of the love stories, get browsin’!

FYI: If you like this this ‘reading for free’ thing (aside from your library, of course!), check out the publisher’s other free-to-read online books here.

Debt status update: September

I realize it’s not September, but I won’t be making October’s debt payment until the end of the month.  I’ll post a new graph then! (with hopefully more than one percentage point paid off!)

Weekend dose of reflection

Well, since I didn’t post a Saturday Savings, I’m going to do a Saturday/Sunday combo post.  It’s going to be quick n’ dirty this week–I’ve got studying to do!

How did I save money this week?  This actually wasn’t that great of a week for me in regards to monetary temptations.  I should be writing a list of ways I frugally failed.

What am I thankful for?  The fact that I have a job (more than one, actually).  I may work too many hours and have other various complaints, but just having this job is a blessing.  It has given me motivation (and funds!) to keep up with my PF goals.

My financial interest

Let’s take a short trip back in time to explore my budding interest in personal finance.  Earlier this year, I wrote a journal entry that documents an event that inspired me to begin paying attention to my cash flow!

Finance update

My latest kick is that of getting back on track with my personal finances.  What probably inspired me was the mistake that the city water office made that cost me over $1,000 when they paid someone else’s account TWICE using MY checking account.  Thankfully I had decided to open my checking account statement RIGHT AWAY that day, and the $800+ charge jumped out at me.

The next day was Saturday, but I went to the bank anyways.  It was open ’til noon, so I sat down with the guy in the office and explained the situation.  He was nice enough to get right on the research and took my cell phone # so that he could let me know Monday what he found out.  Well, to sum up the resolution to this wakeup call, a lady from the city called, apologized, and assured me that a repayment check (for both charges) was on its way.  She said this would never happen again.  Oh, it won’t, I assured myself.  I will be watching my statements like a HAWK and possibly ending my direct debit account with the city.

At least the situation was fixed, and I am now motivated to do something about my personal finances.

As always when I get interested in something new, I begin to do research.  Who knows how long my intense interest will last, but at least I will have learned something during my research that I will always be able to use.

Well, thank goodness I found that $800 charge that jumpstarted my PF interest!  Who knows how many months the city water office would have kept incorrectly withdrawing money from my account?  As it turned out, my interest has lasted, as shown by the PF course I’m taking as well as my occasional blogging.

I now have concrete goals and a determination to complete them.  I can safely say that my interest in PF is not passing.

The best things in life are free

Usually the title phrase is used in reference to the warm and fuzzy aspects in life, but this week’s entry is less typical.  A few days ago, I realized how much nicer my bedroom is now that I have plants in it.  I’d been keeping all of my plants on the back porch, but after noticing that a few were getting too much sun, I decided to move them inside.  Having them inside with me adds not only aesthetic benefits to the room (and oxygen!) but a feeling of having more life in the room.

Another great thing about my plants is that they were all FREE!  One plant in my room came from a cutting from my mom’s kitchen plant.  Several others I own came from other cuttings or fruit seeds!  Let me tell you, as a frugal person who had never dabbled in gardening until a few months ago, I was thrilled when I discovered the magic of plant cuttings.  Clearly the love I have for my plants is great enough that I will have to write another entry about them…but that will come at a later time. 🙂  Good night.

Saturday Savings

Yes it’s that time!  Time to reflect on the ways I saved money this week.  Sure, paying yourself first is the best way to start saving, but beyond that, there are many other ways you can cut spending!

How’d I do this week?

  • At Walgreens, I was hunting for deal items including the EasySaver free-after-rebate items of the month.  After making my purchase, I noted that my gift card was just a few cents short of being used up.  At the next Walgreens, (where I was picking up my prescription) I noticed some other items I was going to buy to do the Marie Claire deal. (Thanks to From Wags to Riches, one of my new favorite blogs)  I realized I’d have to spend actual out-of-pocket money since my gift card was about empty.  I was all set to do it since I had coupons and ES coupons, but I realized, why should I spend about $10 just so I can get some lotion I don’t need and a magazine I don’t want (or a makeup bag I don’t need)?  That’s not a freebie! So I got my prescription and went on my merry, frugal way.
  • I was all set to buy the pattern I need for my Halloween costume, and I even had a gift card so I wouldn’t be spending OOP.  But despite my excitement and eagerness, I waited until this weekend’s sale so I could get the pattern for $0.99 and spend that gift card toward fabric!
  • I’ve been combining trips lately.  Instead of making several nonessential trips on different days, I waited until I had a bigger chunk of time and just made a few stops in one day.  Bonus–I wasn’t as rushed trying to squeeze it into a school day!