Saturday Savings

Yes it’s that time!  Time to reflect on the ways I saved money this week.  Sure, paying yourself first is the best way to start saving, but beyond that, there are many other ways you can cut spending!

How’d I do this week?

  • At Walgreens, I was hunting for deal items including the EasySaver free-after-rebate items of the month.  After making my purchase, I noted that my gift card was just a few cents short of being used up.  At the next Walgreens, (where I was picking up my prescription) I noticed some other items I was going to buy to do the Marie Claire deal. (Thanks to From Wags to Riches, one of my new favorite blogs)  I realized I’d have to spend actual out-of-pocket money since my gift card was about empty.  I was all set to do it since I had coupons and ES coupons, but I realized, why should I spend about $10 just so I can get some lotion I don’t need and a magazine I don’t want (or a makeup bag I don’t need)?  That’s not a freebie! So I got my prescription and went on my merry, frugal way.
  • I was all set to buy the pattern I need for my Halloween costume, and I even had a gift card so I wouldn’t be spending OOP.  But despite my excitement and eagerness, I waited until this weekend’s sale so I could get the pattern for $0.99 and spend that gift card toward fabric!
  • I’ve been combining trips lately.  Instead of making several nonessential trips on different days, I waited until I had a bigger chunk of time and just made a few stops in one day.  Bonus–I wasn’t as rushed trying to squeeze it into a school day!

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