The best things in life are free

Usually the title phrase is used in reference to the warm and fuzzy aspects in life, but this week’s entry is less typical.  A few days ago, I realized how much nicer my bedroom is now that I have plants in it.  I’d been keeping all of my plants on the back porch, but after noticing that a few were getting too much sun, I decided to move them inside.  Having them inside with me adds not only aesthetic benefits to the room (and oxygen!) but a feeling of having more life in the room.

Another great thing about my plants is that they were all FREE!  One plant in my room came from a cutting from my mom’s kitchen plant.  Several others I own came from other cuttings or fruit seeds!  Let me tell you, as a frugal person who had never dabbled in gardening until a few months ago, I was thrilled when I discovered the magic of plant cuttings.  Clearly the love I have for my plants is great enough that I will have to write another entry about them…but that will come at a later time. 🙂  Good night.

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