My financial interest

Let’s take a short trip back in time to explore my budding interest in personal finance.  Earlier this year, I wrote a journal entry that documents an event that inspired me to begin paying attention to my cash flow!

Finance update

My latest kick is that of getting back on track with my personal finances.  What probably inspired me was the mistake that the city water office made that cost me over $1,000 when they paid someone else’s account TWICE using MY checking account.  Thankfully I had decided to open my checking account statement RIGHT AWAY that day, and the $800+ charge jumped out at me.

The next day was Saturday, but I went to the bank anyways.  It was open ’til noon, so I sat down with the guy in the office and explained the situation.  He was nice enough to get right on the research and took my cell phone # so that he could let me know Monday what he found out.  Well, to sum up the resolution to this wakeup call, a lady from the city called, apologized, and assured me that a repayment check (for both charges) was on its way.  She said this would never happen again.  Oh, it won’t, I assured myself.  I will be watching my statements like a HAWK and possibly ending my direct debit account with the city.

At least the situation was fixed, and I am now motivated to do something about my personal finances.

As always when I get interested in something new, I begin to do research.  Who knows how long my intense interest will last, but at least I will have learned something during my research that I will always be able to use.

Well, thank goodness I found that $800 charge that jumpstarted my PF interest!  Who knows how many months the city water office would have kept incorrectly withdrawing money from my account?  As it turned out, my interest has lasted, as shown by the PF course I’m taking as well as my occasional blogging.

I now have concrete goals and a determination to complete them.  I can safely say that my interest in PF is not passing.

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