That semiannual post about textbooks

Yes, it’s that time again.  Time for all college students to complain about how much textbooks cost.  (I seem to be making a habit of that on this blog!)  This year, I calculated that if I bought all my books at the campus bookstore, I’d be spending about $850!  For me, that’s one of the highest amounts for textbooks out of my entire college career!

Because of this, throughout all of grad school (and I think part of undergrad), I have purchased my books online.  This saves hundreds of dollars, even after shipping!  What I do is buy my textbooks online through a store’s website, first going through BigCrumbs or some other rewards/cashback site.  I highly recommend BigCrumbs, as I have gotten money back on my purchases before.  (They pay through PayPal.)  After this semester’s purchases, I will probably get about $30 back!

Anyways, I have included my referral link above, in case anyone wants to try BigCrumbs.  You can shop (my favorite site for buying AND selling textbooks), Books a Million, A1 Books, and Barnes & Noble through them!  I can personally vouch that this method will save significantly more than buying through the campus bookstore.  Good luck price-hunting!


Goals update: Balanced!

checkVery recently, I made great progress in meeting one of my overall PF goals.  I pledged to become more organized, and that is one reason I started this blog.  I use it to keep track of what I’ve done and to plan what I’m going to do.  I haven’t been posting publicly lately, but the private entries have kept me from forgetting my specific goals.

The progress I made was indeed an organizational feat tackled.  One of the first things I wanted to learn to do when I started watching my finances was balance my checkbook.  I bet that even people who don’t do much else in the way of PF do balance their checkbook.  For some reason, I could never understand exactly how to do it, probably because I tracked my checking accounts online.  When I tracked them online, I never got a matchup in my PF software.

Well this is a problem no more!  Each penny is accounted for, and to celebrate my clean slate, I made myself a tracking booklet to keep in my purse.  Now I have no excuse for not tracking my debit card purchases!