Status report

Not much excitement in my financial world.  I am low on spending money.  I’ve borrowed from my emergency fund to pay for textbooks, and I’m waiting for my refund check.  I suppose it’s a good thing I had almost forgotten that I had an emergency fund, because it’s not to be used for just anything.  Normally, I wouldn’t have even spent the money on textbooks, but I knew I could refill it with my refund check.  I had already decided that the refund check would go to textbooks (since it’s my loans and my loans are for tuition and textbooks).

I’ve done a great job of not spending money on campus so far.  I haven’t gone to the vending machines but once.  I haven’t been running to the bookstore to buy candy.  I have been bringing my lunch consistently.  Hopefully, I can spend less on food than I did last semester!lunch

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