Goal accomplished!

I am happy to report that I have reached one of my main financial goals!  I have now reached my goal amount for my emergency fund!

This will allow me to increase the amount I am putting towards opening a retirement account (my next major goal).  I am still contributing money towards my other financial goals, but reaching even a smaller goal is truly a motivation!  I now have only three goals to distribute to each paycheck instead of four (donating, debt, retirement).  I’ve already been thinking of goals to add for the future, but I’m going to wait until I reach another small goal.


Free e-reads!


Harlequin is celebrating 60 years.  They are generously giving away $60 worth of e-books as a gift to their readers.  They are offering 16 books from all different genres.  There are historicals, suspense stories, an African-American romance, steamy stories, three different types of Christian novels, a paranormal, some tender romance, family stories, and yes, a Harlequin Presents title.  Go to their anniversary website and download something from your favorite genre.  Try a new genre for free.  Enjoy your books!

Lesson learned: Procrastination = Expensive!

I made a disastrous mistake.  My car’s headlight had burned out.  I was going to ask a friend of mine to change it for me after finding out the price (mostly labor!) at my usual shop.  Unfortunately, I don’t get to contact this friend often because he’s busy.  I should have just gotten the thing fixed, because my attempt to be frugal has bitten me in the checkbook.


I got a ticket for having one headlight.  The ticket costs only $10 less than the cost of the replacement quoted by my shop.  Plus, I still have to pay to get it fixed.  I’ve almost doubled my cost!  AAARRRGH!!

The only good (sort of) thing to come out of this is that the officer informed me (and didn’t write me a second ticket for it) that my license plate bulb isn’t illuminating from 100 feet away.  Though this is barely good news, since I now have to pay for that too.  Moral of the story is, I should have gotten the light replaced asap through one method or another.

Procrastination really is frugality’s enemy.