Laptop situation


Recently I wrote about my ancient, overheating laptop.  I was unsure about whether I should buy a full-sized, regular yet still portable laptop to replace my current 7-pounder, or whether I should just buy a netbook for now since it addresses several of my computing needs for a smaller price.  As it turns out, my sister had an old laptop that quit working correctly.  She never got it fixed, but I am going to take it to a local place to get an estimate.  If I can get it fixed for a decent price, I may have a new-to-me laptop!  It won’t be very portable (it has a 17″ widescreen!) but it will replace my 5.5 year old model.  Depending on how much it will cost to fix it, I may have enough money to buy a netbook!  On Monday, I will try to get an estimate.  Further updates to come!

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