Mailbag excitement

Part of the reason I look forward to getting my mail each day is the possibility of receiving some of the freebies I’ve requested. As for this week, not only did I get some toiletries I’ll end up using, but I got something I have been keeping an eye out for: a pedometer.

I’ve been needing a pedometer since I’ve started exercising more, but now I have one for free from the Tylenol Arthritis Keep Moving offer. It also came with an exercise DVD. Request yours here. The tampons, pad and pantyliner were part of the Kotex sample pack which you can request here. A $1 off coupon was also included, plus an invitation to take a survey. The survey gives you another coupon to print out when you’ve completed it! The little blue bottle is an Old Spice Body Wash sample from Walmart, with a $1 off coupon. Finally, I got a bilingual Pond’s sample and coupon. An impressive haul, especially when I get something I’ve been needing!

Recently, even when the mail carrier brings me bills and unwanted advertisements, I can usually count on receiving a sample, coupon, or the latest issue from one of my free magazine subscriptions. 🙂


Travel-sized freebies: Clinique and a pillow

Today I took my own advice and went to one of the Clinique workshops I recently blogged about. The workshop at my local Dillard’s was Summer Coolers. The consultant was efficient and pleasant.  She first asked me what I was interested in as far as beauty products.  As she put makeup on me, she checked with me before adding more to make sure I wanted mascara, shadow, etc., so as not to put on too much.  Overall, I learned about a couple of new products, got some moisturizer I needed (using a gift card), and got my two travel-sized freebies, pictured above.

Next, I headed down to the Sleep Number Bed store. We’d gotten a mall advertisement in the mail, complete with a giveaway entry form and coupons, trying to entice me to shop. One coupon promised a free gift, so off I went. It turned out to be a free Sleep Number brand travel-sized pillow. Useful and soft–not bad for free!

Clinique Beauty Workshops

Clinique is offering three Beauty Workshops, viewable on their Store Events page.  Currently, they are offering three workshops:

  • Express Looks “Makeup in minutes”
  • Attracted to Colour “Capture a new look”
  • Summer Coolers “Refresh your look”

To attend, use their location search and call to book your appointment.  You know I wouldn’t be sharing this with you unless you could get something FREE out of it!  For each of the three workshops, you can get two free travel-sized treats per event.

  • Express LooksMoisture surge extra thirsty skin relief and colour surge eye shadow in your choice of 3 shades
  • Attracted to ColourTake the day off makeup remover and fresh bloom allover colour in your choice of two shades
  • Summer CoolersSuperdefense moisturizer spf 25, custom-fit to your skin type, and superbalm moisturizing lip gloss in your choice of 2 shades

Comment here if you go to any of these events to let us know how it went!