Free subscriptions: Elle and more


I’ve got more magazines for you!  Elle and Elle Decor, and Woman’s Day are offered through Mercury Magazines.  Finally, RewardsGold is giving a free sub to Body + Soul.  As always, comments on these magazines or their offering sites are welcome and encouraged.  Since I already get a ton of free magazines, I can’t take part in every offer, so feedback from others is helpful.  To explore these magazines’ websites before you decide to get your free subscription, click any of the titles below.


Elle Decor

Body + Soul

Woman’s Day


Another magazine offer!

I have been able to keep my word when it comes to magazines.  I won’t pay for them!  Why should I when I can get them for FREE?

The latest offer I found was for Smithsonian.  This one is from RewardsGold, so you will have to fill out a review/survey before you are taken to the offer page.

If museums aren’t your thing, go here for another RewardsGold offer for Prevention magazine.

I’ve successfully gotten mags from them before, so the offers shouldn’t give you any problems.  As always, enjoy!

Magazines galore!

I have seen so many magazine offers lately that I had to share them with you. Feel free to click on the magazine’s name to check out that magazine’s homepage before responding to the free offer, if you wish.

Free magazine issue

Want a little luxury for free?  Get a no-committment issue of Robb Report Magazine here from Start Sampling.  (The offer was sponsored by  If you’re not yet signed up on Start Sampling’s website, I encourage you to join and get the September issue, with no need to cancel!

I’ve never read this magazine before, but I ordered the issue because it looked intriguing.  If it were a whole year, I admit, I wouldn’t have signed up for it because I wouldn’t want to waste the paper and energy getting unwanted issues of an unfamiliar magazine that I end up not liking.  Has anyone out there in Readerworld ever picked up an issue of this mag?

Free subscription to Pink is offering a free subscription to Pink, thanks to Fandango.  (Since this site is one of those free business magazines sites, you’ll have to fill out a mini-survey about what job industry you work in, but it’s pretty painless.)

If you’ve never heard of Pink before, it’s a magazine for women and careers. Browsing around the magazine’s site shows that Pink promises not only advice for success in the workplace but also financial advice. Should be a useful read for any woman looking to take more control of their professional image or finances.

I’ll be looking forward to reading it for the first time, but if you’ve browsed through this mag before, leave a comment to let me know what you think. Enjoy!

Another free subscription: Women’s Day

Seems that Women’s Day has been popular lately among those sites offering free subscriptions. This one is from, a site I have previously used. Usually, to get their magazines, you only have to write a simple review. I have gotten their magazines successfully, and they occasionally send me emails for more free subscription offers. To sign up, click here.

New shopping program: Good Housekeeping Rewards

In my July issue of Good Housekeeping, there’s a page introducing their new shopping rewards program, Good Housekeeping Rewards. While I encourage you to check out their site, I’ve included a program summary in this post.

Shop at specific online retailers (currently including Target, Macy’s, Banana Republic, and others) through the GH Rewards website and you can earn up to 20% back each time. The small catch: you have to wait until you’ve accumulated $20 in rewards before you can request your rewards, but you can get your rewards by check or by a prepaid, GH branded MasterCard. Although you have to remember to shop through GH’s Rewards website, their site offers many coupons and deals that you can use to further save money.

Finally, you must be a Good Housekeeping subscriber to participate. (Non-subscribers can participate, but only through a 90-day trial.) However, if you’ve been reading my blog, you know that that doesn’t mean you have to spend any money to subscribe! AdPerk is still offering Good Housekeeping for free, just for watching some online commercials.

What do you, the readers, think of this? Does it compare to other shopping rewards programs you are familiar with?