Weekend dose of reflection

Well, since I didn’t post a Saturday Savings, I’m going to do a Saturday/Sunday combo post.  It’s going to be quick n’ dirty this week–I’ve got studying to do!

How did I save money this week?  This actually wasn’t that great of a week for me in regards to monetary temptations.  I should be writing a list of ways I frugally failed.

What am I thankful for?  The fact that I have a job (more than one, actually).  I may work too many hours and have other various complaints, but just having this job is a blessing.  It has given me motivation (and funds!) to keep up with my PF goals.


The best things in life are free

Usually the title phrase is used in reference to the warm and fuzzy aspects in life, but this week’s entry is less typical.  A few days ago, I realized how much nicer my bedroom is now that I have plants in it.  I’d been keeping all of my plants on the back porch, but after noticing that a few were getting too much sun, I decided to move them inside.  Having them inside with me adds not only aesthetic benefits to the room (and oxygen!) but a feeling of having more life in the room.

Another great thing about my plants is that they were all FREE!  One plant in my room came from a cutting from my mom’s kitchen plant.  Several others I own came from other cuttings or fruit seeds!  Let me tell you, as a frugal person who had never dabbled in gardening until a few months ago, I was thrilled when I discovered the magic of plant cuttings.  Clearly the love I have for my plants is great enough that I will have to write another entry about them…but that will come at a later time. 🙂  Good night.

The best things in life are free

While I do want to keep control of my finances (especially since I previously had no idea where my money went), I would never want to become obsessed with money, turning into a fearful penny-counter.  Therefore, it is beneficial to take account of all of the earthly blessings in one’s life that have nothing to do with purchases.  I’ll start with the top one in my life: family.

Without my family, I would not be who I am today.  I have grown into a person who values love, intelligence, education, nature, art, and so many other priceless things in this life.  My mother always saw potential in me and encouraged me to write.  My father taught me to read.  I remember visiting the botanical gardens and reading art books with him when I was young.  The other members of my family have also shown love in their own ways.