Weekend dose of reflection

Well, since I didn’t post a Saturday Savings, I’m going to do a Saturday/Sunday combo post.  It’s going to be quick n’ dirty this week–I’ve got studying to do!

How did I save money this week?  This actually wasn’t that great of a week for me in regards to monetary temptations.  I should be writing a list of ways I frugally failed.

What am I thankful for?  The fact that I have a job (more than one, actually).  I may work too many hours and have other various complaints, but just having this job is a blessing.  It has given me motivation (and funds!) to keep up with my PF goals.


Saturday Savings

Yes it’s that time!  Time to reflect on the ways I saved money this week.  Sure, paying yourself first is the best way to start saving, but beyond that, there are many other ways you can cut spending!

How’d I do this week?

  • At Walgreens, I was hunting for deal items including the EasySaver free-after-rebate items of the month.  After making my purchase, I noted that my gift card was just a few cents short of being used up.  At the next Walgreens, (where I was picking up my prescription) I noticed some other items I was going to buy to do the Marie Claire deal. (Thanks to From Wags to Riches, one of my new favorite blogs)  I realized I’d have to spend actual out-of-pocket money since my gift card was about empty.  I was all set to do it since I had coupons and ES coupons, but I realized, why should I spend about $10 just so I can get some lotion I don’t need and a magazine I don’t want (or a makeup bag I don’t need)?  That’s not a freebie! So I got my prescription and went on my merry, frugal way.
  • I was all set to buy the pattern I need for my Halloween costume, and I even had a gift card so I wouldn’t be spending OOP.  But despite my excitement and eagerness, I waited until this weekend’s sale so I could get the pattern for $0.99 and spend that gift card toward fabric!
  • I’ve been combining trips lately.  Instead of making several nonessential trips on different days, I waited until I had a bigger chunk of time and just made a few stops in one day.  Bonus–I wasn’t as rushed trying to squeeze it into a school day!

Saturday Savings

I haven’t done this in way too long!  Saturday Savings is my weekly entry on some ways that I have saved money this week.  Making this list is encouraging because I can see how many different ways there are to save money!

  • I re-used packing materials. When I get a free sample or a book in the mail, it often comes in a small box, a padded envelope, or a thick manila envelope.  I save these for when I have to mail something.  Sure beats picking up a new one every time for about $2 apiece!
  • I’ve been itching to go to the bookstore because I haven’t been in a long time, but instead, I used PaperBackSwap!
  • I passed up a sale. I work in retail, I saw something I wanted, I figured out the price including my employee discount, but then I told myself I could save even more by not getting it.  And I don’t regret it!

I’ll try to be better about posting this, and I intend to have one for next week!

Saturday Savings

Time for some weekly encouragement that I am taking the right steps to take control of spending and debt!

What did I do this week?  Just a few things, but every little bit helps!

  1. I used a gift card (that I’d been saving) for some random purchases that came up.  I’d gotten a Target gift card recently, but didn’t blow it right away on some candles like I originally wanted to.  Instead, last night I bought some things I need (packing tape, shoe inserts, sunblock) and didn’t have to spend “real money” on them!
  2. I put 10% into savings. I earned money from both my paycheck and house/dogsitting this week and right away, I put 10% towards my emergency fund.
  3. I sold some textbooks and made about $130.  Now is the time to list those textbooks if you haven’t already!  I would know because I recently bought my own!

How have you saved money this week?  Anything goes, as long as it’s helping to keep savings growing and spending shrinking!

Saturday Savings

Here’s my report on the ways I’ve saved money this week. I’m trying to encourage myself (through documentation) that I’m starting to do things right.

  1. I said no to overpriced snacks. When I drive long distances, I often get bored and hungry. I used to make it a habit to get a couple of snacks from a convenience store when I gas up while on a road trip, but this week, my willpower won!
  2. I went to a thrift store. I need khaki pants for my job, and the pair I had were mysteriously and irreparably damaged. Instead of going to a regular store to pay full price for a new pair of khakis, I went to a local thrift store. There I found several pairs in my size that were in excellent condition–brand name pants, too.
  3. I baked it myself. It was my mom’s birthday recently, and she loves caramel cake and icing. I offered to make her cake this year because I love to bake. Instead of buying the caramel icing and cake mix that she always gets, I bought the icing and made the cake myself. I’d never used that recipe before, so the cake came out dry, but it had a good flavor otherwise. And my mom was touched that I made it myself, just like back in grade school! 😉

I hope I can show how saving money can be more than just using a coupon or hitting a sale!