Never paying for this again – Magazines pt. 2


A few days ago, I wrote about the chance to eliminate magazines from the money I spend. I still enjoy magazines, so I was thrilled when I first found a site where you could get a free subscription–and without a credit card!

On AdPerk, you can earn a free subscription by watching video ads (similar to TV commercials). You “earn” issues by watching a certain number of ads; some ads are worth more issues (also called credits, I think) because they are longer. Most ads seem to be no longer than a typical TV commercial, though. After you’ve “earned” all your issues, simply check out and supply your address. That’s it!

I ordered Good Housekeeping, and I can report that this site has come through: I began receiving issues on Feb. 19th, and they have continued to arrive.

They have about five magazines avaliable to order on their site (Ode, Popular Science, GH, Skiing, and Field & Stream), but more are planned, as you can see on the homepage. Has anyone else used this site?