Magazines galore!

I have seen so many magazine offers lately that I had to share them with you. Feel free to click on the magazine’s name to check out that magazine’s homepage before responding to the free offer, if you wish.


Free subscription to Pink is offering a free subscription to Pink, thanks to Fandango.  (Since this site is one of those free business magazines sites, you’ll have to fill out a mini-survey about what job industry you work in, but it’s pretty painless.)

If you’ve never heard of Pink before, it’s a magazine for women and careers. Browsing around the magazine’s site shows that Pink promises not only advice for success in the workplace but also financial advice. Should be a useful read for any woman looking to take more control of their professional image or finances.

I’ll be looking forward to reading it for the first time, but if you’ve browsed through this mag before, leave a comment to let me know what you think. Enjoy!

Another free subscription: Women’s Day

Seems that Women’s Day has been popular lately among those sites offering free subscriptions. This one is from, a site I have previously used. Usually, to get their magazines, you only have to write a simple review. I have gotten their magazines successfully, and they occasionally send me emails for more free subscription offers. To sign up, click here.

Free subscription to Woman’s Day

I won’t be able to write very regularly over the next couple of weeks due to the end-of-semester craziness, but for now I offer you another free subscription, courtesy of Mercury Magazines and Just for Me.

Go here for your free subscription to Woman’s Day when you give your job information. You can also see what other free magazines you qualify for, based on your job.

Another free magazine – Garden Design (digital)


My Google Alerts came through! You can get Garden Design (digital edition) free from Mercury Magazines, sponsored by Veterans Advantage. I’ve never heard of this one before, but perhaps others will be interested. Enjoy!

GH & coupons for military families


In case anyone likes to read Good Housekeeping (which you can subscribe to for free, see my post on AdPerk), I thought I’d let you know there is a coupon booklet in the April 2008 issue. The coupons include Wolfgang Puck, Kozy Shack, Oust, Pledge, Scrubbing Bubbles, Glade, Scotch-Brite, and Serenity. I don’t know if they are in every copy, or if it’s regional, or just for subscribers. Based on the brands, I would assume it’s nationwide.

I finally cut out all my coupons yesterday. I’m grateful to Centsible Shopper for sharing the fact that military families can use expired coupons. Before, if I had a coupon I didn’t want to use or that had expired, I would recycle it with the newspaper. Last night when I was cutting out my recent find, I trimmed up the expired ones (to save on postage) and separated them into food and non-food/pet food piles, as recommended by this article on Now I just need a place to send them to, so I’m researching that online.

Never paying for this again – Magazines pt. 2


A few days ago, I wrote about the chance to eliminate magazines from the money I spend. I still enjoy magazines, so I was thrilled when I first found a site where you could get a free subscription–and without a credit card!

On AdPerk, you can earn a free subscription by watching video ads (similar to TV commercials). You “earn” issues by watching a certain number of ads; some ads are worth more issues (also called credits, I think) because they are longer. Most ads seem to be no longer than a typical TV commercial, though. After you’ve “earned” all your issues, simply check out and supply your address. That’s it!

I ordered Good Housekeeping, and I can report that this site has come through: I began receiving issues on Feb. 19th, and they have continued to arrive.

They have about five magazines avaliable to order on their site (Ode, Popular Science, GH, Skiing, and Field & Stream), but more are planned, as you can see on the homepage. Has anyone else used this site?