Mailbag excitement

Part of the reason I look forward to getting my mail each day is the possibility of receiving some of the freebies I’ve requested. As for this week, not only did I get some toiletries I’ll end up using, but I got something I have been keeping an eye out for: a pedometer.

I’ve been needing a pedometer since I’ve started exercising more, but now I have one for free from the Tylenol Arthritis Keep Moving offer. It also came with an exercise DVD. Request yours here. The tampons, pad and pantyliner were part of the Kotex sample pack which you can request here. A $1 off coupon was also included, plus an invitation to take a survey. The survey gives you another coupon to print out when you’ve completed it! The little blue bottle is an Old Spice Body Wash sample from Walmart, with a $1 off coupon. Finally, I got a bilingual Pond’s sample and coupon. An impressive haul, especially when I get something I’ve been needing!

Recently, even when the mail carrier brings me bills and unwanted advertisements, I can usually count on receiving a sample, coupon, or the latest issue from one of my free magazine subscriptions. 🙂


Loot: My Clean Home Journal Gift Pack

Gift pack

On Saturday, to my excitement, I found a package in my mailbox. I expected it was one of the samples I’d ordered.

It was better than a regular sample. It was my March Clean Home Journal Gift Pack!

Inside, I found a full-sized Glade air infusions, a 10-bag pack of Ziploc Zip ‘n Steam bags, and a bunch of coupons! I can’t win again for 90 days, but you can try for April’s Gift Pack by signing up now–you must be one of the first 10,000!