SSS – Part Two

What I got at Walmart for less than $3

The savings just keep going!  I went to WalMart to use my toothbrush coupons and $5/1 Zantac coupon to get some free stuff.  However, when I was there, I discovered that I had $1/1 coupons for Glade sprays, which are just under $1 at WalMart.  I also found a trial sized Vaseline lotion, and I had a $0.50/1 coupon for that, making it free.  I had heard WalMart doesn’t give overage, so I picked up a coupon holder (which I do need).

I got everything free, except the coupon holder, which ended up being “discounted” from the overage.  My total ended up under $3, when the original price of the coupon holder was over $3!!


Super Savings Saturday: Over 50% savings at Kroger!

Kroger 10-item mega sale

I’m excited to be participating in my first Super Savings Saturday, hosted by Money Saving Mom.

See all the stuff in the picture? I got all of that (plus organic milk, Eggland’s eggs, and 2lbs mini carrots) for only $30.32! I did the 10-item sale once (that means 10 of my items are qualifying and therefore I got $5 extra off) and used a ton of coupons.

What was free? Both Excedrin, two of the Buddies, and the Glucerna shakes. My receipt says I saved 55% total, which means I got $66.58 worth of groceries!